Sampling Cans in Brass Copper Stainless Steel

Sampling Cans

Sampling Cans act as storage containers that represent the medium .Prime objective is storage and safe movement . The medium in the Cans are generally taken to test laboratory for Testing . So Sampling Can and Sampling Bottles makes sure it travels  without contamination ,leakages or deterioration. Sampling is method of quality analysis through regular assessment of a part of the medium


Sample Cans commonly available in Stainless steel , Brass ,Copper


  1. Single Walled or Double Walled
  2. Cork Fitted with SS Disc and Hook
  3. SS or Brass Heavy Handle
  4. Wire made of SS with Plastic Covering
  5. Base level mounting for easier storage
  6. Lenght and Volume customizable 


  1. Copper Single-Walled Sampling Can
  2. Brass Single-Walled Sampling Can
  3. Stainless Steel Sampling Can
  4. Dual Copper and Brass Double-Walled Sampling Can , Brass Outer and Copper Inner
  5. Dual Brass and Copper Double-Walled Sampling Can , Copper Outer and Brass Inner
  6. Dual Stainless Steel and Brass Double-Walled Sampling Can , Stainless Steel Outer and Brass Inner


Used in manual sampling of petroleum and petroleum products,sampling of Aviation Fuel Sample Containers for Tests Affected by Trace Contamination,Manual sampling of liquid hydrocarbons,Petroleum liquids - Manual sampling , Vessel and Tank Sampling . Sampler is suitable for the sampling of Oils, Fats, Edible Food Products, Wines, Water, Petroleum Products and Chemicals


500 ml ,1000 ml ( 1 litre ) ,1500 ml ( 1.5 litre )  ,2000 ml ( 2 litre ) . Higher Capacity available on request 


Sampling Cans in Copper and Brass
Brass Sampling Cans
Brass Sampling Bottles

Copper Sampling Can

Brass Sampling Can

Brass Sampling Can is equally used as Sampling Can Materials as Copper .Brass is yellow golden in appearance . Key reasons for its use.

  1. Relatively low melting point
  2. Soft so easy in machining
  3. Corrosion-resistant
  4. Germicidal and antimicrobial

Stainless Steel Sampling Can

Stainless Steel Sampling Can is more sturdy of all . The key reason for its use is  

  1. Resistance to corrosion
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Long life cycle
  4. Works in widest possible medium range

Copper Outer Brass Inner Sampling Cans - Double Walled

Double Walled Sampling Can with Copper Outer Brass Inner 

Double walled Sampling Cans for Petroleum

Brass Outer Copper Inner Sampling Cans - Double Walled

Double Walled Sampling Can with Brass Outer Copper Inner .

Brass Outer Copper Inner Sampling Cans for Petroleum