Condensate Pot & Sampling Cylinders

Condensate Pots, Sampling Cylinder, Sampling Cans and Bottles

Condensate Pots

Condensate Pots furthermore known as seal pots and condensation pot, are welded compression containers that permit instruments and valves to be attached in line with directed tubing to allow for line sampling, removal of fluid, and other procedures. The foremost usage of condensate pot is for maximizing the accurateness of variance pressure flow measurement or vapor applications. Condensation is the change of the state of matter from the gas phase into the liquid phase, and is the reverse of vaporization.

Condensate Pots- Installation

Installation can be both vertical and horizontal lines in the middle of the prime (Flow Meter) and the subordinate (transmitter/gauge) to act as a blockade to the line fluid allowing direct sensing of the flow conditions.

Application- Condensate Pot

The condensate pots moreover help us to trap any extraneous material from the pipeline, avoiding damage to the sensitive instrumentation components. The condensate is drained from the end valve connection, and are appropriate for use with valves, which acts as the drain port. Seal pots are used for the measurement of high-density and eroding media. Condensate pots are mostly used for the measurement of condensation.

Sampling Cylinders

FAV range of Sampling Cylinders is designed to provide safe containment for storage, examination and transportation of both liquids and gases. We have ability to customize Sampling Cylinders to suit your exact needs. The range is designed for and used across the world in various industries, including petrochemical refineries and well sites, analytic laboratories, alternative fuel technologies, and manufacturing.

Sampling Cylinders are designed and factory-made to strict customers necessitate specifications to deliver extensive performance life and determined safety to the user. These cylinders are made-up from seamless tubing or pipe with amplified wall thickness in the threaded area, which avoids expansion when valves are installed.

FAV Sampling Cylinders available in Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, Carbon Steel, Monel, Hastelloy and Inconel. The series is designed for and used across the world in various industries, including petrochemical refineries and well sites, analytic laboratories, alternative fuel technologies and manufacturing.

A gas sample bomb or gas sample cylinder is a vessel precisely intended to collect and store high-pressure gas samples to be transported to a laboratory or analyser for examination

All cylinders have female NPT threads on both ends. Connections with Needle valve, gauges, and adapters can be added with the needle valves as per customer’s requirement. Each cylinder is hydro-statically tested.

Air Distribution Pot

FAV range of Air Distribution Pot designed to trap condensate and foreign matter that may accumulate in gaseous service lines, and purify gas media. They are often classified as condensation, isolation and separation vessels in different applications, widely used in refineries, power plants, petrochemical and other process industries.

FAV Air Distribution Pots available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Monel

Air Distribution Pots designed to drain out foreign material from the pipeline thereby guarding critical components of instrumentation system. Generally Steam is passed through Condensate Vessels. Air Distribution Pots are used to collect and accumulate condensate and extrinsic particles.

Air Distribution Pots aid in protecting delicate instruments with smaller orifices from becoming damaged or clogged by foreign debris. The bottom connection is used as a drain port to remove condensate. Air Distribution Pots can also be used to cool very high temperature liquids.

Sampling Cans

Sampling Cans acts as a storing containers that signify the medium. Major objective is storage and safe movement. The medium in the Can are generally taken to test laboratory for analysis. So Sampling Cans and Sampling Bottle makes sure it travels without impurity, leakages or deterioration. Sampling is a method of quality analysis through regular assessment of a part of the medium.

Copper is widely used as Sampling Can Materials .Copper is a reddish orange, soft metal that takes on a bright metallic luster.  Brass Sampling Can is equally used as Sampling Can Materials as Copper .Brass is yellow golden in appearance. Stainless Steel Sampling Can is more sturdy of all.

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Sample Cylinders available with Pre Fitted Accesories