Instrumentation Fitting

Instrument Fittings for Hook Ups


We make Instrument Fittings, Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe Fittings for Instrumentation Applications as shown below

They are used for transmission, measure as well as control system flow, pressure, temperature and offer system standardization. Fittings, valves, and tubing are the main elements of the instrumentation system.There are four prime styles of high to low pressure tube fittings. They are differentiated by their end connections and applications

Compression Fittings Compression fittings are one of the most collective and adaptable methods of fixing metal or hard plastic tubing. They slide over the tube and use a ferrule design to coin and seal on the OD of the tube. Compression fittings are made up of three components: nut, body and ferrule (single or double). Compression fittings also perform well with thinner walled tubing, which allows for higher flow rates and can be more easily bent and handled.

Cone And Thread Fitting tube ends are coned as well as threaded. The threads permit for positive lock and sealing of the end face of tube to the fitting body. These connections are sometimes used in very high pressure applications, but are most frequently used for pressures of up to 15,000 PSI.

Butt Weld / Socket weld Fittings perpetually joins to the tube end by welding the neighbouring metal at the tube end through the fitting. The most common as well as easiest to install are compression fittings. This design uses a sequential grip on the tube.

Instrumentation Fittings is used in pipe systems to connect straight sections of pipe or tube, familiarize to unlike sizes or shapes and for other determinations such as regulating or measuring fluid flow. These fittings are used in plumbing to operate the transmission of water, gas, or liquid waste in domestic or commercial environments, inside a system of pipes or tubes.

Double Ferrule Compression Fittings

Our Range includes Male Connectors, Female Connectors, Unions, Elbow, Tee, Cross, Bulkheads with various other configuration. Double Ferrule Fittings work on the proven principle of ferrules swaging to the tube when tightened with a spanner. When the nut is tightened the ferrule impresses on the tube to make a leak-proof connection.

Instrument Fittings- High Pressure Pipe Fittings

10000 psi Series of High Pressure Nipples, Couplings and Adapters with Elbow, Tees and Cross available in block design and forged design. High Pressure Pipe fittings with both tube and pipe connections are available. Main features that call for its use are its simplicity, compactness in design, ease of assembly, high reliability, easy availability & global acceptance.

Instrument Fittings- Pipe Fittings

Our Instrument Fittings Range includes Hex Nipples, Hex Adaptors, Reducing Bushing, Plugs, Elbow, Tee and Cross with various other configuration. Precision Pipe Fittings are designed and configured for instrumentation, process and fluid control. Precision Pipe fitting are available in a variety of configurations, end connections and sizes that fulfill the need for leak-free performance of Process System.

Brass Compression Fittings

Superior Quality Brass Ferrule Compression Fittings and Pipe Fittings. Best for Instrument applications. Straight Fittings machined from Bar Stock and Forgings with Grainy Finish. Brass Fittings are manufactured in Heavy and Light Series depending on pressure requirement.

Weld Tube Fittings and Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings

Weld Fittings Butt Weld and Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings FAV is manufacturer of different types of Weld Tube Fittings. We offer the high purity of a metal to-metal seal, providing leak free performance.

Instrument Fittings- JIC Fittings

Our Range includes different types of JIC Adaptor, Swivel Adaptors, Bulkhead Adaptor, JIC Elbow, JIC Tee and JIC Cross. JIC Fittings comprises of three precision machined components like Body, Sleeve and Nut. Main construction consists of three pieces: the body, sleeve & nut.

Tube Inserts and Pipe Ferrule

Tube Ferrule and Inserts commonly used to protect mouth of the Ferrule in Heat exchangers. Tube inserts and Tube ferrules are a metal inserted into the end of a heat exchanger tube to provide protection to the Tube mouth ends of a shell & tube type heat exchanger.

PTFE Compression Fittings and Valves

One stop solution for PTFE Compression Tube Fittings, PTFE Tube, PTFE Pipe Fittings and other PTFE machines components. FAV range of PTFE Fittings and PTFE Pipe Fittings are widely used due to unique characteristics of PTFE Material.

LP, MP, HP and TYPE M Fittings

10000 psi,20000 psi & 40000 psi Series of High Pressure Nipples, Couplings and Adaptors in LP ,MP, HP ,Type M and JIC Connections. There are categorised into Low Pressure LP, Medium Pressure MP, High Pressure HP Adapters and Coupling.

Flange to Compression Tube Adaptors

FAV Flange to Compression Tube Adaptors ensures Direct Connection from flange pipe to Tube, with One Piece Machining and availability in variety of materials its best to buy from FAV. They are also know Tube Fittings Flange adapters or simple Tube Adapters.

Instrument Fittings- Tube Clamp

We offer Tube Clamps in different varieties including Standard Series, Heavy Series, and Twin Series. Most of the PP Tube Clamps we offer start from 6 MM OD up to 50 MM OD. These are Standard Clamps Designed as per DIN 3015.

Flareless Bite Type Fittings as Per Din 2353, Hydraulic Tube Fittings

Flareless Tube Fittings Flareless Tube Fittings consist of a body, a one-piece ferrule, and a nut are available in carbon steel, brass, and stainless steel. On assembly, the ferrule “bites” into the outer surface of the tube with sufficient strength to hold the tube against pressure and seal the fluid, without considerable distortion of the inside tube diameter.

ORFS Fittings - O-Ring Face Seal Tube Fitting & Hydraulic Fittings

SAE O-ring Face Seal Fittings SAE O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings seal liquids and gases from vacuum to 6000 psig. ORFS fitting can be applied to tubing or pipe. They are very versatile fluid connectors because it works exceptionally well on both fluids and gases.

Instrument Fittings- Weld Fittings

Features Size Ranges from 1/8" to 2" in fractional series & 6 mm to 38 mm in metric series. 316 Stainless Steel is standard material. Straight fittings are manufactured from bar stock & Forged fittings are manufactured from forgings.

Titanium Fittings & Titanium Valves

Titanium Fittings & Titanium Valves FAV is the manufacturer of Titanium Fittings & Titanium Valves. In the majority of these and other engineering applications titanium has replaced heavier, less serviceable or less cost-effective materials. Designing with titanium taking all factors into account has resulted in reliable, economic and more durable systems and components, which in many situations have substantially exceeded performance and service life expectations.

Duplex 2205 & Super Duplex 32750 Valves & Fitting

FAV is the Manufacturer of Duplex 2205 & Super Duplex 32750 Valves & Fitting, Super Duplex Compression Tube Fittings and Pipe Fittings. Duplex stainless steels are becoming more common. They are being offered by all the major stainless steel mills for a number of reasons.

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