Air Headers

Air Header - Create Multiple Connections

Air Headers

Air Manifolds provides many connection options for isolation . From One Inlet you can create upto 24 outlets .

FAV Air Header are available in a wide array of configurations based on end users requirement such as NPT, BSP, Butt Weld, Flanged, Socket Weld or Compression outlets. Air Headers is a substitute for multiple valve assemblies, which normally operates from one originating point. The Air Manifolds are configured for accommodating various outlet valves. The inlet-connection can have variety of end connection.

Standard Air Header Format

Number of Ports/Outlets :4 Way to 24 Way
Pipe Size :  1" to 4"
Pipe Schedule : Sch 10,Sch 40,Sch 80.Sch 160
Inlet : Flanged ,Ball Valve, Needle Valve, NPT Female or Male
Outlets:  Ball Valve, Needle Valve, NPT Female or Male,Socket Weld ,Butt Weld
Drain :Flanged ,Ball Valve, Needle Valve, NPT Female or Male,Plugs

Air Manifolds with Ball Valves
Air Header with Ball Valve
Air Distribution Manifold with Needle Valve
Air Header with Needle Valve