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Introduction- Flange to Compression Tube Adaptors

FAV Flange to Compression Tube Adaptors ensures Direct Connection from flange pipe to Tube ,with One Piece Machining and availability in variety of materials its best to buy from FAV. They are also know Tube Fittings Flange adapters or simple Tube Adapters .We offer full customization to suit exact needs for Clients.

Flange End

FAV Flange to tube adapter meet ASME, DIN, EN, and JIS standards depending on clients requirement.Range of flange sizes and pressure classes available.Full range of sealing faces for Flanges including flat face, raised face,RTJ, and tongue-and-groove .Nominal flange sizes from NPS 1/2 to 2 in.Pressure class ratings from 150 to 2500.

Tube End

The tube end can be Metric and fractional from 3 to 50 mm and 1/16 to 2 in . Double Ferrule and Nuts are provided at the Tube end as per standard .Nuts are silver coated .


FAV Flange to Compression Tube Adaptors is available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Steel, Monel, High Duty Bronze, Hastelloy C, Incoloy, and Inconel 600.


We make Flange to Tube Adapters in Single Piece Construction resulting in excellent performance and long life .