Condensate Pot

Condensate Pots

What are Condensate Pots ?

Condensate Pots is designed to drain out foreign or residue material from the pipeline thereby guarding critical components of instrumentation system. Generally Steam is passed through Condensation Pots. The condensate residue is drained from the bottom valve connection .Installation can be either vertical or horizontal lines depending on the system requirement. Also condensate pot is used before the pressure transmitters line because temperature of steam is very high so this high temp. Steam directly may damage diaphragm of the pressure transmitter.

They are also known as Seal Pots or Condensing Pots.

Support for Selection?

We provide complete drawing and technical support for all our customers. We give various recommendations on selection of  Pipe Schedule , number of ports and plugging, length of the Condensate Pots , choice of materials ,high temperature support …etc

Strong Focus on Certification

 All our Condensate Pot come complete with Hydro Pressure Test .We can also provide you following certifications on request like Material Test Certificate by Spectro Analysis or PMI ,Heat Code Traceability Report ,Dye Penetration Test – Non Destruction Testing , Radiography Testing

Condensate Pot
Condensate Pot Type A
Condensate Seal Pots
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Specification for Ordering Standard Condensate Pots

Select Condensate Pot Design from above add part number below . Example to order Type A port in 1st Specification add FCP150-4N-A 


PART No. P NPT - F Pressure Rating PSIG Capacity (Internal Vol.)cm 3±5% L mm B mm T mm
FCP150-4N 1/4” 1800 150 135 50.8 2.5
FCP300-4N 1/4” 1800 300 225 50.8 2.5
FCP400-4N 1/4” 1800 400 290 50.8 2.5
FCP500-4N 1/4” 1800 500 350 50.8 2.5
FCP1000-4N 1/4” 1800 1000 275 88.9 4.6
FCP2250-4N 1/4” 1800 2250 435 120 5.2
FCP3785-4N 1/4” 1800 3785 680 120 5.2
FCP1000-8N 1/2” 1800 1000 275 88.9 4.6
FCP2250-8N 1/2” 1800 2250 435 102 5.2
FCP3785-8N 1/2” 1800 3785 680 102 5.2
FCP1000-12N 3/4” 1800 1000 275 88.9 4.6
FCP2250-12N 3/4” 1800 2250 435 102 5.2
FCP3785-12N 3/4” 1800 3785 680 102 5.2

Specification for Ordering Custom Make Condensate Pots

Criteria for Selection as below . If you have drawing send us that too .

Pipe size 2",3",4",5”,6”  and larger size upon request.

Pipe Schedule 40, 80, 160, XX seamless pipe.

Number of Ports 2 ports upto 8 ports , refer to the section above for arrangements 

Total Length Pipe length 8",10",12" and larger length upon request.

Material of construction Carbon Steel ASTM A106 ,Carbon Steel  ASTM A105, Stainless Steel 316, Stainless Steel 304 Alloy Steel ASTM A335 P11 ,Alloy Steel  ASTM A335 P22 ,P91 , Monel 400, Hastelloy C 276 refer to the section below for visuals 

Thread Connections NPT as per ANSI B1.20.1,Socket weld as per ANSI B16.11,    Butt weld as per ANSI B16.9

Alloy Steel Condensate Pots
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Alloy Condensate Pot
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Carbon Steel Condensate Pots
Condensate Pots, Galvanized Plating
A106 Gr. B Condensate Pots
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