High Pressure Check Valve MxF

Check Valve Male X Female 15000 psi permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing at High Pressures of 1000 Bar and 15000 psi . FAV Check Valve provide unidirectional flow and tight shut-off for liquids and gas with high reliability.

We offer Check Valve for low pressure and high pressure applications with selectable crack pressures as well as Check Valves with adjustable crack pressures. High Pressure Check Valve are offered with NPT end connections, and a wide variety of BSP, JIC and Metric end connections are also available .

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Check Valve
Check Valves
INLET / OUT LET (mm) (mm)
FAVCV15K/MF/02 1/8" NPT M 1/8" NPT F 15000 psi 19 55
FAVCV15K/MF/04 1/4" NPT M 1/4" NPT F 15000 psi 22 58
FAVCV15K/MF/06 3/8" NPT M 3/8" NPT F 15000 psi 25 65
FAVCV15K/MF/08 1/2" NPT M 1/2" NPT F 15000 psi 27 72
FAVCV15K/MF/12 3/4" NPT M 3/4" NPT F 15000 psi 36 82
FAVCV15K/MF/16 1" NPT M 1" NPT F 15000 psi 45 85