PTFE Needle Valve

PTFE Needle Valves are available from size 1/8" to 1" . Common threading available are NPT, BSPP & BSPT . We can also supply you in Compression Tube Connections . PTFE needle valves are designed for laboratory , chemical & industrial applications for regulating corrosive gases and liquids or for high purity service.

Our unique quality of the PTFE Needle Valves is that its 100% made from PTFE Round Bar . Even non contact areas like Handle and Stem Nut is also made from PTFE. .

Part No. Size
PTFE/NV/01 1/8”
PTFE/NV/02 1/4”
PTFE/NV/03 3/8”
PTFE/NV/04 1/2”
PTFE/NV/05 3/4”
PTFE/NV/06 1”
PTFE Needle Valve

Why go for PTFE Needle Valve over other material ?

PTFE Needle Valve has High temperature resistance, continuous operating resistance -140°C ~260°C and 350°C as a peek. Its Non-stick surface and easy to clean. It can be used in food grade and non-toxicity environment without fear of contamination PTFE Teflon Needle Valve has excellent dimensional stability and high strength with Good mechanical characteristics. Also PTFE Needle Valve are Corrosion resistance, resistance to strong acid corrosion, not burning, anti-aging.


Teflon Needle Valves
PTFE Needle Valves

Why go for PTFE Needle Valve over other material ?

Some Common Sizes for PTFE Needle Valve are

  1. FAV PTFE Needle Valve 1/8" NPTF
  2. FAV PTFE Needle Valve 1/4" NPTF
  3. FAV PTFE Needle Valve 3/8" NPTF
  4. FAV PTFE Needle Valve 1/2" NPTF
  5. FAV PTFE Needle Valve 3/4" NPTF
  6. FAV PTFE Needle Valve 1" NPTF
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