PTFE Flanged Needle Valve
Teflon Flange Needle Valve-2

PTFE Flanged Needle Valve

Made completely from PTFE

PTFE Flanged Needle Valve are available from size 1/8″ to 1″  . We can also supply you in Compression Tube Connections . PTFE needle valve are designed for laboratory , chemical & industrial applications for regulating corrosive gases and liquids or for high purity service.

Our unique quality of the PTFE Flange Valve is that its 100% made from PTFE Round Bar . Even non contact areas like Handle and Stem Nut is also made from PTFE.

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Some Common Sizes for Teflon Flanged Needle Valve are

  1. FAV Teflon Flanged Needle Valve 1/2″ 150 RF
  2. FAV Teflon  Flanged Needle Valve 3/4″ 150 RF
  3. FAV Teflon Flanged Needle Valve 1″ 150 RF
  4. FAV Teflon Flanged Needle Valve 1-1/2″ 150 RF
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