PTFE Thermowell

PTFE Straight Thermowells

PTFE Thermowells- Straight and Flanged, FAV range of PTFE Straight Thermowell protects and extends the usage life of a temperature sensor in critical process applications where the sensor is not physically compatible with the environment. Installed directly into the piping systems, PTFE straight thermowells facilitate sensor replacement in high pressure pipelines and eliminate the need to interrupt the process flow or drain the process system for sensor maintenance function. Teflon Straight Thermowell are utilized when pressure, high velocity and corrosive process media exist. PTFE Thermowells- Straight and Flanged This serves to isolate and protect the sensing instrument, and permits removal of a sensing instrument without shutting down the process. A perfect solution for protecting the process and extending product service life.You can also visit our Condensate Pots

Part Number SIZE
PTFE/ST2/1 1/4"
PTFE/ST2/2 3/8"
PTFE/ST2/3 1/2"
PTFE/ST2/4 3/4"
PTFE/ST2/5 1"

For Insertion Length please specify

PTFE Flanged Thermowells

PTFE Flanged Thermowell available from 1/2” to 2” and 150 Class to 1500 Class

PTFE Thermowell
PTFE Flanged Thermowell
PTFE Thermowells- Straight and Flanged